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Lisa Duddington MSc BSc Expert level UX practitioner

Keep It Usable awards 2014


Lisa Duddington Circle

I help the world’s biggest brands to sell more by improving customer experiences with their digital platforms and physical products.

If you want to sell more of your products, services, software and apps, then a great user experience is no longer an option, it’s imperative. The success of Apple can be largely attributed to the amount of effort and importance they place on designing the best user experience for their products. It’s not easy to create great user experience but the pay offs are well worth it. For example, I’ve been working with the travel website Netflights over the last year and in that time their conversion has increased by double figures. The return on investment for what they’ve spent on UX has been phenomenal.

However, the return you get is dependent on the skills of the person conducting the UX so it’s well worth investing more for a highly qualified and experienced professional.

I can help you:

– UX assessment of your current digital platforms with areas of opportunity highlighted.

– Create your UX strategy.

– Help to understand which methods, tools and techniques would be best for your needs.

– Qualitative research to understand your customers (that you can observe in person).

– Ethnographic research in your customers natural environment (e.g. the home).

– Benchmark your user experience against your competitors.

– Recommendations to improve your UX.

– Design. Creating new digital experiences with UX at the forefront.

– Advanced analysis of areas of conversion (CRO) opportunities through eye tracking research and analysis.

– Internet of things (IOT) products to create a seamless experience between interface(s) and product(s)

Platforms: All

My skills can be applied to all digital platforms (web, software, apps, wearables, gesture based interactions, etc). I’m also a qualified ergonomist and can help to improve hardware ux and usability.

Sectors: All

eCommerce, mobile operators, blue chip, high tech, finance, travel, fashion, beauty, social networks, council, government, nhs, health, pharma, mental health, wellbeing and many more.

Latest Comments

  1. Mike says:

    hi lisa hope you had a fab birthday! this is mike (yoga teacher dude haha) quick enquiry do you make websites/optimisation aswell?

  2. usabilitygal says:

    Hey Mike! Yeah we cover that. Feel free to email me we’re launching a redesign of our site in about a week. It’s very cool :)

  3. Gavin says:

    Sounds like you like the same things as me so where is my bookmark button??! :-)

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