• Why people hate online passwords

    Over christmas, I was sat with my stepdad as he opened up his new Kindle and attempted to set it up (a whole other usability story!). As it asked for his Amazon password he exclaimed how he didn’t have a clue what it was but he’d find out. The next thing I know, he’s opening… Continue Reading

  • Interview with Whirlpool’s UX Manager

    In my spare time I love baking (I love eating cakes), I run a local baking club and I absolutely love KitchenAid products. I love the industrial user-centred design and the attention to ease of use. So, for the Keep It Usable blog this month, I decided to interview my friend Brandon Satanek who is… Continue Reading

  • Information Architecture (IA)

    Have you ever been to a website specifically to look for something and no matter how hard you look you just can’t find it? Most people will give up within a few seconds, hit the back button and go to a competitor. This is why your Information architecture is incredibly important – get it right… Continue Reading

  • New Next Gen Macbook Pro

    “It’s without doubt the best computer we’ve ever built!” If you’re an Apple fan then you’re probably feeling pretty excited right now. WWDC was held yesterday (you can watch it here) and Apple have finally launched the next generation of Macbook Pros. Thankfully they’ve met and exceeded most people’s expectations, with the new Macbook Pro… Continue Reading

  • Using kittens to explain the power of Scarcity

    (True story) There are 4 kittens in a pet shop… 3 tabby kittens and 1 black and white kitten Fact: Tabby kittens are adopted much more quickly than black and white kittens. So, which kitten do you think will sell first? Answer: The black and white one Why? The principle of Scarcity What is the… Continue Reading

  • I’m in the news…

    I’ve been featured on Creative Boom talking about the amazing Salford University Carnival held at Islington Mill this week. We had a great time! Below is an extract of the article and if you want to read more just head on over to Creative Boom. Over a hundred Salford University graphic design students showcased their… Continue Reading

  • The Clever Little Bag

    I just love the amazing design of this new style shoebox by Puma. Most of my shoeboxes are really dull, boring and seriously oversized for the contents. Not only does this new design function well and look cool, it’s easier for the customer to carry and might I add hurts less (doesn’t it hurt when… Continue Reading