• New Next Gen Macbook Pro

    “It’s without doubt the best computer we’ve ever built!” If you’re an Apple fan then you’re probably feeling pretty excited right now. WWDC was held yesterday (you can watch it here) and Apple have finally launched the next generation of Macbook Pros. Thankfully they’ve met and exceeded most people’s expectations, with the new Macbook Pro… Continue Reading

  • Nice Predictive Text Entry Method by Blackberry

    I started my UX career as a Smartphone Researcher. I remember when we took the plunge to remove the hardware keypad and go full touch. Users complained that they wanted and needed a hard keypad to enter text. They saw T9 as vital to quick text entry – it could be done one handed and… Continue Reading

  • 5 Reasons Why Tablet Growth Will Soar This Year

      The above chart clearly shows both mobile and tablet growing over the coming years. However, the growth shown for Tablets is fairly steady. I am largely in disagreement with this. I think the growth of Tablets will be phenomenal over the next 2 years for these reasons: Reason 1: They’re the lazy man’s computer. People… Continue Reading

  • Creative Designs (toxel.com)

    Whilst drinking my morning coffee and carrying out my internet browse ritual, I came across a great site called toxel.com. This site is full of amazing real and concept creative products pulled from across the web into one place. If you’re looking for inspiration or just looking to be entertained by clever designs, this is the place… Continue Reading

  • Effective Design for Multiple Screen Sizes

    I’ve just found an excellent article and reference source for anyone interested in the complexities and issues when designing for multiple mobile screen sizes. The guys at mobiForge.com have done an excellent job on this. I’m saving this as one my favourites :) Click here to view the article