• Information Architecture (IA)

    Have you ever been to a website specifically to look for something and no matter how hard you look you just can’t find it? Most people will give up within a few seconds, hit the back button and go to a competitor. This is why your Information architecture is incredibly important – get it right… Continue Reading

  • Free ‘Getting Real’ book by 37signals

    37signals are most well known as the creators of Basecamp. I love their approach to business and highly recommend you buy their book Rework. It’s packed full of really useful business advice that’s incredibly down to earth and makes much more practical sense than any other business book I’ve read. They’re now giving away free… Continue Reading

  • BBC Home page research and redesign

    I conducted a quick piece of research on the BBC Home page as part of an event called BBC Connected. Did you know it’s the third most visited home page? Yet only a very small percent of visitors actually use it? As our research discovered, most people bypass the page completely, preferring to use the… Continue Reading

  • Using kittens to explain the power of Scarcity

    (True story) There are 4 kittens in a pet shop… 3 tabby kittens and 1 black and white kitten Fact: Tabby kittens are adopted much more quickly than black and white kittens. So, which kitten do you think will sell first? Answer: The black and white one Why? The principle of Scarcity What is the… Continue Reading

  • An incredibly TAX ing User Experience

    “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing” I can confirm this is the biggest whopper i’ve ever heard. Maybe it’s true if you never touch self assessment yourself and leave everything in the hands of bookkeepers and accountants. But, for the average Joe Bloggs, completing a self assessment for the first time (like I’ve just done)… Continue Reading

  • The secret’s out!

    The secret project that I’ve been working on for the last couple of years is finally out! As I can now talk openly about it, here I share my story about creating and launching the new product and fashion focussed social network sqoshi.com Redundancy When the company I worked for closed down back in April… Continue Reading

  • What is the optimal line length?

    There isn’t one. It depends on whether you want your users to read the page faster or you want them to like the page. Research by Dyson (reference below) showed that users read web pages faster at an optimum length of 100 characters and longer. However, when asked, they prefer shorter line lengths and believe… Continue Reading