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I help the world’s biggest brands to sell more by improving customer experiences with their digital platforms and physical products.

Keep It Usable awards 2014


Lisa Duddington MSc BSc Expert level UX practitioner





If you want to sell more of your products, services, software and apps, then a great user experience is no longer an option, it’s imperative. The success of Apple can be largely attributed to the amount of effort and importance they place on designing the best user experience for their products.

Platforms: All

My skills can be applied to all digital platforms (web, software, apps, wearables, gesture based interactions, etc). I’m also a qualified ergonomist and can help to improve hardware ux and usability.

Sectors: All

eCommerce, mobile operators, blue chip, high tech, finance, travel, fashion, beauty, social networks, council, government, nhs, health, pharma, mental health, wellbeing and many more.