Looking for someone for your TV/Radio show? Event? Press article? I have been interviewed live on BBC Breakfast, I regularly appear live on radio stations, been in the press and a speaker at numerous events. If you’d like me to be a part of something, just get in touch!

Suggested areas: People and technology, Customer experience online and high street, Women (in business, in tech), Business/entrepreneurs, Mobile, Tech, Psychology.

Next event: Workshop at UX Live, London, 26th-27th October 2017



Live TV: BBC Breakfast News

Interviewed as the resident mobile expert and psychologist to speak about new findings from Deloitte that highlight our addiction to our mobiles.



BBC Radio 5 live



Host and organiser: UX Conversion Camp

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Speaking: TechConnect Live in Dublin (Customer Experience)

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Speaking: UX Crunch (Psychology in UX)

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Author: Human Factors & Ergonomics in Practice



Speaking: Universities and colleges

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